Saturday, July 21, 2012

What had happened was...

I decided that chisel class is the devil. I skipped both classes this week. I planned to replace the Tuesday beatdown with the water exercise class that was mentioned to me. It must be a super secret class because it wasn't on the website anywhere. I guess that's why hardly anyone comes. Anyway, I was going to either do the class, swim or hit the gym for the elliptical but I was so so tired. I can't even explain how tired I was. But my sleep ain't been right since I got home a couple of weeks ago. I go to bed really late and wake up early. I find myself needing to pass out at some point. Then I'm wide awake at night. Great. It was a darn shame that I wasted a day. My body felt great but was way too tired to be bothered.

Speaking of feeling great, my runs have been great. Okay, I'm lying. They were good but they started out so-so. The longer the interval, the better I feel. I spent a day or two before my 1st Week 4 run concerned about the 5min interval. Would I make it? Would I hate it? Would I be too tired? Man, look. It was the best part of the run. Whatever pain, muscle burning, irritation or whatever I felt worked it's way out the longer I ran. It was the 3min intervals that had me feeling everything. I swear, my hamstrings have so much to say. But if I run long enough, they're absolutely silent. So I'm kind of back to where I was mentally when I was at the height of my running. I have to talk myself into sticking with the run until it feels better. It will..eventually.

After having a taste of 5min intervals, I'm beginning to think that I should skip to Week 5. Day 1 has three 5min intervals. Day 2 has two 8min intervals. And Day 3 has one 20min interval. I should be good and warmed up by then. In the meantime, I need to search for my Garmin. Yeah, I know. Bad runner, bad runner *smacks hands*. I have no clue where I put the darn thing since I haven't used it in AGES. I plan to join Black Girls Run in the park once I'm done with intervals. I could use a phone app but Garmin is SO much better. And I paid enough for it. I better find it!

7/13 - Bounce, rock, skate, roll (1:52 - getting better at backwards skating. Yay! me.)

7/16 - Yoga (50min)
C25k - W3D2
Warm up/Cool down (10min)
Run/Walk (18min)

7/18 - C25k - W3D3
Warm up/Cool down (10min)
Run/Walk (18min)
(Oh and water exercise was canceled. Boo!)

7/19 - Elliptical (2.92mi - 35min)
Recumbent bike - (2.8mi - 20min)

7/20 - C25k - W4D1
Warm up/Cool down (10min)
Run/Walk (21:30)

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