Thursday, July 12, 2012

To the pool!

I went to my very first water exercise class, Hi-Low, yesterday. Why is it called Hi-Low? I don't know and I don't care. But it was pure awesomeness!

Anyway, I showed up to the pool and felt out of place. I thought maybe I strolled into the Joint Effort or Arthritis Foundation class. There was a group of women already in the water whose median age was probably about 60. But no, I had the right class. The instructor introduced me to the group. Everyone was really friendly. Some of the classmates helped to explain some of the moves.

We did a series of kicks, jumps, side steps, jogging, treading and etc. Having had chisel class the day before, I felt every bit of it. But it was nice being in the water. Water makes everything better like my skin, my hair and exercise. Some things you're not willing to struggle through on land, you'll gladly do in the water..well IF you can swim. They had swim belts and such for those who couldn't swim. But I can't imagine taking that type of class and not being able to swim, especially since the instructor told me that it's best to work out in water that is chest level to avoid shin splints. I don't think the average non-swimmer would feel comfortable in that. But I digress...

I felt so good about the pool last night that I did some laps today. Lord, what was I thinking? I'm still really sore from this week's workouts. Flutter kick and frog kick drills had my quads on fire. On top of that, my swim fitness isn't where it needs to be. When I started swimming a couple years ago, I was at the height of my running. And even then it was hard. Maybe if I was less sore it would have been better. Maybe.

Since I swam today, chisel is definitely off the menu. It just may be permanently. It's just too much if I want to do other things that I actually enjoy throughout the week. Also, one of my classmates told me about another water exercise class that goes down on Tuesdays, the same day as chisel. I may do that instead.

In other news, I'm due for another run this week. I may save it for the weekend. My legs should feel better by then. But I'm skating tomorrow so..we'll just have to see. Until next time..

7/11 - Hi-Low (50min - water exercise)

7/12 - Swim (1000yd - 38min)

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