Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Alive!!

Hey Everybody! Happy New Year! I know, I know, I've been a sucky blogger. Honestly, it just hasn't crossed my mind. For one, I've been slacking. Not bad, but by my standards anyway. I stopped running again, because I'm still not completely healed. It's been maybe two weeks? Or is it three? I'm not sure. I caught a cold that had me coughing my lungs out. Yeah, didn't work out much then. I stayed home instead of infecting everyone at the Y. I hate when people insist on spreading their germs. I didn't wanna do that. Then it just got too cold to get outta bed. Yeah, I'm not motivated to do a thing when it's cold. And then the holidays. So yeah, lots of excuses for not being consistent. But I didn't stop working out all together. I post all workouts to Dailymile. And I'm always chit chatting on Twitter. So if you don't see me here, you can catch me there.

So what have I been doing? I've been getting my party on. Where there is good music, you can count on finding me on the dance floor. My cardio is still very much together. My clothes size is the same. I have my social calendar to thank for that. I dance, I socialize, I enjoy myself. There's gonna be a time when I won't be able to do that. So I'm gonna get it in when I can fit it in.

Now back to what this blog is all about...I'm getting back into my workout schedule. But I was extremely annoyed when I ran into all the New Year's Resolutionists at the Y on Tuesday. The parking lot was packed. My chisel class was packed, so I left. The actual gym was packed, but I managed to snag an elliptical machine. I'm always complaining about chisel class. It's torture from beginning to end, so it seems. But I can't complain too much when I see noticeable improvement in my upper body strength. Arm strengthening yoga poses are a lot easier because of it. So I have a love-hate relationship with the class. But it annoyed the hell outta me to skip it. Bummer! I have class tonight. Not sure I'll make it though. The social calendar calls.

Since I'm not in the mood to recap everything I've done since I last blogged, I'll leave you with random pictures.

At the class reunion, Thanksgiving weekend

In my winter running gear about 4 weeks ago

Random trip to NY to party about 3 weeks ago

Pizza eating before said party

My friend's sister's pups. They're the cutest.

Pumpkin muffins NOT for the holidays but because I like to eat.

Chocolate chip w/walnut cookies. No special occasion except me being greedy.

Funny street sign in Philly

At the club a couple weeks ago

Yesterday after yoga and the elliptical

My lil guns thanks to yoga and chisel class

Today's breakfast: tofu scramble, breakfast potatoes, broccoli and toast

Happy Running Everyone, or whatever it is that you choose to do! Just keep moving!


Carolina Girl said...

Do you have a permit to carry those ma'am???? ;) Looking hot girlfriend! Then again, I already knew that since I stalk you on Twitter every day. LOL

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ha, look at those guns!!!!! U go Girl.

Ulyana said...

Welcome back! Happy New Year :)

Just_because_today said...

looking good!!!
Wished I worked out that much

solarpowered said...

Yay! You're back! Sounds like you've been having a fun social time like I was :) I started my marathon training now, so the fun has settled a bit. :( You're looking great in your photos! Happy New Year!