Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yesterday was a waste...

But today was not. Here's how it went down...

With some stuff going on at home, I wasn't able to get to the pool until about 8pm. Come to find out, they're shutting down the pool because some dumb #$%@& threw up in the pool. The story was that homegirl was actually sick before getting in the pool. Hard headed wench got in anyway. She then tossed her cookies and ruined it for everyone. Doggone it!!

So I head to the other Y. The swim team hogs the pool until 9pm. That means only 30min left to swim. But dang it, I was getting in a pool somewhere. I get there, watch the swim team a bit. Then I go to grab my swim gear. Towel..check. Swim cap..check. Ear plugs..check. Fins..check. Goggles..goggles? Where the heck are my goggles? I had them at the other pool strapped on when I found out about the fool in the pool. I check the car to see if they fell from my bag. Nope. Nada. Damn. Oh well. I did kicking drills. I always do drills, but not for the entire time. The day was wasted.

Today was completely different though. I went to Sports Authority for a new pair of goggles. Got to the Y, jumped on the bike. It was cool because I got to read my book. It started getting juicy as my time on the bike came to an end. Jumped on the elliptical next and continued to read. Had no idea those things had a nice little ledge to put a book or magazine. Good stuff. On my way out, I check the ARC trainers to see if they had ledges too. And they do! Maybe I'll tackle that next time. I had a date with the pool.

Couldn't read in the pool but that was okay. I forgot my fins and ear plugs. That was okay too. Ear plugs are important when you're not entirely comfortable in the water, learning a stroke that requires your ears underwater. But the more I front crawl, the more comfortable I am with it. Still need lots of improvement though. Tried to do some catch up drills but didn't work out too well. The more I concentrate on the drill, the less comfortable I am, the more rigid my body becomes, then I feel like I'm sinking instead of floating. So I did away with that. Better luck next time. In other swimming news, my endurance is slightly better. Before I would alternate between front crawl and breaststroke every 25yd. This allows me to swim nonstop. I don't take breaks to breathe at the end of the pool. Now I've started alternating the strokes every 50yd. My next goal will be every 75yd. Baby steps.

Also, I've been doing bilateral breathing for quite some time now. I breathe every third stroke. My goal is to eventually breathe every fifth stroke. It's helpful because I notice now if I'm not rotating properly to one side. Some days I have problems with the left side. Other days I have problems with the right. How do I know? Because I end up with a mouthful of water. No rotation issues today though. I have yet to figure out why I may not turn enough on one side. Maybe it's just an issue of not being completely relaxed. I don't know. I just know that today was a good rotation day.

Finally, I had yoga class. It was just what I needed after today's workouts. I'm feeling like such a yoga pro. Well, not really. I can't do any handstands, but I'm pretty thorough at what I can do. And I always finish feeling strong. I actually start to sweat. No, I'm not doing bikram, hot yoga or power yoga. But what I am doing gets my muscles working. I guess I'm moving from beginner to intermediate.

Now here's a recap...

10/16 - 3mi Treadmill (27:39 - 9:13 pace)
Elliptical (25min - 2.35mi)
Swim (1:00 - 1850yd)

10/17 - Yoga: Going with the Flow of Life (40min)
Shimmy (Belly dancing - 18min)

10/18 - Swim (1:07 - 2000yd)

10/19 - Yoga Class (1:30)

10/20 - Swim (24:25 - 900yd) <--Wasted day

10/21 - Bike (35min - 7.93mi)
Elliptical (35min - 3.39mi)
Swim (56:05 - 1650yd)
Yoga Class (1hr)


Michelle said...

Wow ~ your doing so great these days! Your swimming is awesome chica!

I need to start yoga one of these days. I am tight as a drum!! :O)

joyRuN said...

I definitely notice my rotation on the left sucks, so I keep up with the bilateral breathing just to make sure I'm working both sides.

This girl joined us for masters swim last week & did the whole hour with no goggles. NO GOGGLES! I tried to be helpful & tell her that there's usually a pair in lost&found that she could borrow, but she said she usually swims without them. In the pool!

Jess said...

How could someone throw up IN the pool? She couldn't get out and at least puke on the pool deck?

Glad things worked out better the next day!

Ted said...

For a minute, I had thought you were wearing google while on the elliptical machine. I read it too fast. Just reading your post really did worn me out !!! I am wiped out ! Kudos for being so active !

TNTcoach Ken said...

I stop reading after the woman in the pool! Ewwwwwwwww