Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Now where did I leave off?

I was so freakin' tired last week. I decided to make up the 6 mile run I skipped in Daytona. I ran 6 days straight, which is not typical for me. What is typical is for me to skip runs. And I've been pretty good with that these days. I haven't run this much since February. I guess I've been slacking. And my thighs thank me. They're looking pretty decent these days. I also lost the couple pounds I gained from eating out in Florida. Oh, and I finally took my bike out. I've only gone to and from the track with it, but it's something.

Alright, so let's recap...

7/20 - 3mi Park (27:26 - 9:08 pace)

7/21 - 6mi Track (56:49 - 9:28 pace)
Swim Lesson (30min)

7/22 - 3mi Park (27:42 - 9:14 pace)
Yoga Class(1hr)

7/23 - 1.36mi Bike (8:18 - 9.83 mph)
7mi Track (1:08:44 - 9:49 pace)
1.38mi Bike (11:06 - 7.46 mph)

7/24 - Yoga (45min dvd)

7/25 - 3mi Treadmill (27:20 - 9:06 pace)
Swim (750yd)

7/26 - 1.36mi Bike (7:44 - 10.55 mph)
6mi Track (57:16 - 9:32 pace)
1.40mi Bike (10:33 - 7.96 mph)

7/28 - 6mi Treadmill (57:28 - 9:34 pace)
Swim Lesson (30min)

So far, I have 92mi in for the month. That's the most ever. And now that that's out of the way, I have 4 miles planned on the treadmill later along with yoga. I don't hate the treadmill the way I used to. With the weather these days, it doesn't make a bit of difference if you run at the crack of dawn or not. You'll be disgusted anyhow. Might as well sleep in and run comfortable.

Anyway, my goal these days is to be a well-rounded athlete. I guess athlete is the right word. I want to run, swim, bike, do yoga, and whatever else is out there. A Latin dance class would be nice. (I love all things Latin. Well, not all things, but a lot of things. You know, the music, food, drinks, men...the usual.) I don't care to compete though. I'm not a fan of racing in the least bit. If I don't back out of Philly Distance Run, it will probably be my last race for a long time. I just want to stay active. And I don't need racing to motivate me to do so.


Michelle said...

All things latin huh? Yeah latin men!!

Do not back out of the Philly Distance run please! Your going to PR automatically so run the thing!!


mrjwhit~ said...

Thanks for your great advice. I did rest yesterday. I felt like a new man today. Can't wait to see how my over all fitness and running improve after this.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

your mileage is awesome, great job!! Having a variety of activities is so fun and great for your body -- works different muscles and they all help each other out :) Glad you're keeping up with your swimming too! YAY!

Kevin said...

Wow, you are very active. Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. I'm going to stop by your blog from time to time.

Just_because_today said...

Latins? I'm latin. Yeah, we're okay.

Funemployment? I read your comment on Kevin's. Hope all is well