Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Run 4/8/09

Crappy food = crappy run

See, this is what happens when you don't get enough sleep. Wake up, rush around and not have time to prepare anything. So the work day started with Dunkin Donuts and ended with peanut butter crackers. With that, it felt harder than it should have been. The best part about the whole thing was when I stopped to take pictures of the deer.

They were actually kind of far away. I didn't want to get any closer. They could have a) run away or b) sized me up and jumped me. That's three against one. I didn't want to chance it. So away I stood.

Anyway, back to the run. It was pretty uneventful. And that sucks because I was looking forward to running today. Well, all runs can't be glorious. Better luck next time. Oh, I'm kinda sorta thinking about joining one of the local running stores for a group run one night. Maybe tomorrow. But I've never run with anyone and I'm afraid I may be too slow. The running store peeps have their bios online. They've been running for years and years, and have personal records of sub-5:00 miles. Or maybe I'll chicken out and just take my butt to the park. Maybe I'll run faster if the deer actually chase me next time. Yeah, that should get me into the sub-8:00 category. Still not good enough to hang with the elite though.

So on to other business. I've registered for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Again, thanks to Michelle twisting my arm. She somehow roped Ted into registering (probably by way of a headlock. She's one tough cookie. Ha! I kid. Love ya girl.) I was all excited about it. But during the not so great run, I started thinking, "What the hell was I thinking?" I'm sure that will all go away once I have a decent run again (I really should start getting to bed sooner so I can at least start the day right with a good breakfast). Oh, that reminds me..I must call my aunt in Brooklyn to let her know that I'll be cramping her style for three weekends. I hope she has nothing to do. Luckily, I'm one of her favorite nieces.

And on that note, I'm out. Night all!


Michelle said...

Thats a bad run??


Melanie said...

agree with Michelle... lol. Love the pics, and the new look of your blog!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Typically running stores have all types of runners showing up for their group runs. I would go check it out and I bet you'll find someone to tun with.

Jess said...

Those digits don't report a "bad" run!

Ted said...

Hey C - I love your new look of your blog. I am thrilled that you are now taking pictures. Outstanding.. More please !!!

I am thrilled that I will be able to meet you at the Brooklyn Half Marathon with Michelle. Oh what fun is this going to be. We are going to tear up the asphalt in Brooklyn. Its only 7 weeks to go....

Have a GREAT weekend.

Rookie on the Run said...

I love the deer pictures! How awesome to see that while you run. I don't know much about running numbers but it looks to me like your run was better than it felt!

Pretty new blog layout.

Just_because_today said...

Not all of us are elites. Some of us hang in the middle of the pack and sometimes further behind. You dont sound slow at all. But regardless, in group runs there are runners and walkers of all paces, try it, you'll enjoy it
If I took pictures of all the deer in my backyard, I would have no room in my memory card. Yeah, country girl.

solarpowered said...

Hey! Thanks for popping in to my blog yesterday... the accident was in the news today, too. :(

Anyway, I've been keeping tabs here -- your pics are great! Good luck with the HM! One of these days we should meet up for a run :)

DawnB said...

the deer are pretty tame... congrats on signing up for the half
you are going to do great.