Saturday, April 18, 2009

First ride of the year

Finally, Spring decided to make an appearance. Thank you. And no, I'm still not sorry for cussing you out the other day. I meant what I said. You deserved it.

I was so excited to get out and ride my bike. But first I went to Produce Junction to pick up some fruit. It's about a half mile from home, so I decided to walk. And even though it was a leisurely walk, I strapped on my Garmin anyway. I guess I'm obsessed with numbers and statistics. When I got home, I put some air in my front tire. It was completely flat. Then I did a few things around the house. Came back outside to find my tire flat again. So much for just going for a little ride. Then I had to figure out how to get the tire off. Up to that point, the only thing I've ever done was adjust the bike seat. I ended up all dirty and greased up trying to figure it out. I finally got it. So I jumped in the car, headed to the bike shop for a new tube. I also bought a little bike pouch thingy that you strap under your seat. I needed a little something to carry a few things on my rides.

I finally head out. I didn't get far when I stopped to adjust the bike seat. It's funny how you don't know the right height until you're actually riding. The rest of the ride was Kool and the Gang. My quads got one helluva workout. My butt was feeling it too. Just take a look at the elevation chart. The way I was feeling, I'd rather run up the hills than bike up. I should start running around there to prepare for my upcoming races. Who knows? Maybe tempo runs and speed work won't be enough. I don't know. I'm slowly but surely freaking out about it. Racing is the unknown. And I'm not a fan of the unknown. I'm scared to death of new things. Or maybe I just need a really good long run to get all this mess out of my system.

Anyway, no pictures today. I brought my camera, but there was nothing to take pictures of. My route was all residential. I'm sure you don't want to see pictures of someone's house. I did stop at the park (a different park that I don't run in) for a bit. But there wasn't much scenery there either. There were kids playing and such. And I'm not the one to take pictures of people without their consent. I road past the golf course too, but there wasn't much of a view there either. Oh well. Maybe next time.


Jess said...

Aside from the initial hassle of a flat tire, it sounds like a good day for riding!

Girl on Top said...

I need to walk more, especially with the weather so beautiful these days.

I Run for Fun said...

It was an awesome day for a bike ride. Glad you got a great workout.

Melanie said...

i brought my camera for my run today, but nothing to take a pic of either! LOL great ride!

Just_because_today said...

ouch, that elevation chart makes me want to stay home...great workout, though!