Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I finally did it!

I got my lazy butt up this morning and ran. Boy, what a difference a decent night of sleep makes (Special thanks to chamomile tea and valerian root). I woke up at 5am and just laid there for a few minutes processing the fact that I was awake and wasn't pissed off about being up so damn early. It sounded wet outside, so I turned on the news to check the weather first. There was a sprinkle here and there, but nothing significant, so off to the track I went.

My goal was to run a pace of about 10:34. If you remember, the training plan I'm using has my easy pace set to 11:04. I decided that I'd try to adjust down my pace on all runs by 30 seconds. To get to 11:04, I would have to walk. Seriously, the whole run felt like I wasn't doing any work. I don't think I sweat the whole time. I could have had an entire conversation on the phone while running. Are easy runs supposed to be that easy? And I'm not sure I can do longer runs at such a slow pace either. I'm the type who will get something over with quicker if possible. I mean, why spend so much time on a long run when I can finish it 15min sooner? Maybe I'm the only one who thinks like this. But I can't see sticking to the training pace on a long run.

So Michelle sent me a link to a Runner's World pace calculator. I still think the training pace is too slow, but at least the tempo pace is promising. After my bootleg calculations, I was planning to do about 8:58. So 9:00 isn't far off. I still think I should just run for two hours at whatever pace is comfortable for me and just roll with that. A two hour training run before the half is more than enough preparation, I think. So, of course, I'll be adjusting the training plan some more.

With all this half stuff, I'm forgetting that I have a 10k race in Central Park first. That calls for a training run or two around the golf course where there's a steady incline. I ran that route as a fairly new runner, in the summer time, and hated every minute of it. My skills have improved since, but I'm thinking I'll still hate it. Hopefully I'll handle it better in time to kick Central Park's ass. We shall see.

So no pictures today. There was nothing to see anyway. It was a shade above pitch black, and in the distance my view was a stop light and a Shop Rite. Yeah, nothing to see here.

Alright, so I'm off. It's time to wind down. Night all.

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peter said...

Way to get your track work in. And counterintuitively, running slower in training helps you run faster in races (it has to do with how you train your body to process lactate acid buildup).