Friday, March 27, 2009

Run 3/27/2009 and stuff

I don't know how you speed demons do it. In any case, I did this run pretty fast. May as well make a workout out of it if it's only 15min long. I ran 30min yesterday on the indoor track. No stats and I didn't feel like posting anyway. I have 90min scheduled tomorrow. If I don't punk out, it will be nice and easy and SLOW.

I'm catching up from last weekend. I was in Philly Friday night for music and drinks. Love me some Xochitl. The margaritas are on point and I don't even like tequila. And I love, LOVE the DJs, the mood, the vibe, the atmosphere, the bartenders, the parking garage right around the corner. It's my lounge spot when I feel like loungin'. Then Saturday, I was in NYC for a friend's birthday. I stayed at my aunt's in Brooklyn that night. Well, actually Sunday morning. I got in around 5am, went to bed at 6am, and was up before 9am. I was beat. I hung there with family all day. I finally got home Sunday night after 9pm. Yeah, long weekend. And since then, I've been waking up at the last possible minute before getting ready for work. I haven't cooked a thing. I haven't even prepared my Yerba Mate chai. The only thing I've done is iron my clothes the night before just so I can roll out of bed 20min or so before I need to leave.

And on that note, I'm starving. So I need to handle that. Peace.

Since BiMActive is being a total douche and won't post anything, I've had to copy and paste some stuff with another program. Oh well. At least the info is here.


Michelle said...

Woo Gazelle runner! Just WOO!!

Just_because_today said...

am I that blog challenge that the only way I can comment is going all the way down to the last page?
Love your sense of humor! great shots.