Thursday, January 29, 2009

Run 1/29/09

So so tired. But with my bag packed and all, I headed to the Y. I was just hoping not to hate it. I had 45min planned. And you know what? It was a really good run. Almost magical. I was in the zone. I just wish my Garmin foot pod thingy was working so I can see how far I ran. That reminds me, I should contact them about that. Anyway, I won't have stats until I run outside again. And I don't see that happening this weekend. It's supposed to be 29° or so on Saturday. So not my cup of tea. I just hope I don't lose my mind on the indoor track. I have 60min planned and it's 18 times around for one mile. That's about 108 times around. Oh joy! Maybe I'll just run slower. Or maybe I'll be in the zone again and not even care. Yeah, I'm hoping for that.

And now, it's tea time. Chamomile and peppermint. Night all.


Run Mommy said...

I once did 25k in a local indoor track..almost 3 hours - about 120 times around. It was HORRIBLE. Never again. I hear you about the cold I really hate it too.

Jess said...

Glad it went so well!

tfh said...

That's a lot of laps. Better have some good music!

Michelle said...

Woah 108 times around would drive me to drink!!

Which is not such a bad idea after a run!!! :O)

Good luck!