Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Run 1/21/09

After doing some food shopping, I went to the Y. And I got a treadmill this time. Go me. But I hated every minute of it. I can't stand treadmill running. It's just so much harder for me. I guess that explains why I always run slower on it. I also tried the Garmin foot pod accessory again. Maybe I got a busted one, but it does not work well. It kept beeping and carrying on. And when I finished, it said I ran 81.01mi. What the hell? So afterward, I went upstairs to the track for a cool down walk hoping it would work better there. Yeah, not so much. Maybe I should send it back.

And on that note, I've decided that my indoor running will be on the track instead of the treadmill. The treadmill just sucks. I figure I'll run by time and just assume I'm running 10:00/mi to get an approximate mileage for my log. But I just can't take the treadmill. I'm bored to death running in place, and it just feels harder because I can't control my pace on my own. Who runs the same pace consistently throughout an entire run? Not me. It's just not natural. And I don't care for running while covered in sweat with no breeze to blow it off either. So yeah, I'm leaving the treadmill thing alone.

Elev. Avg:0 ft
Location:Mount Laurel, NJ
Elev. Gain:+0 ft
Date:01/21/09Up/Downhill: [+0/-0]
Time:04:45 PMDifficulty:1.5 / 5.0

Distance: 3.00 miles

Speed:6.1 mph

Pace:9' 52 /miHeart Rate:180 bpm (Avg)
194 bpm (Peak)
Cool Down = .33 on the track

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Jen said...

Down with the dreadmill!

Stuart said...

Shame that your footpod is not working, call Gamin their customer service is A1

mrjwhit~ said...

So you're saying you didn't run 81 miles on a treadmill? I mean what's wrong with that? Hahahaha.

Call Garmin their customer service is great. They should take care of you quickly.

Jess said...

I share your feelings about the treadmill, and I too would probably prefer the track.

Michelle said...

It's funny i have not run on a dreadmill in ages!!! I just really enjoy the outdoor running even when its so cold.

Now i can't do either!!!! :O(

That sucks!!!

Keep it going girlie!!!

Read my blog!

Mendy said...

I'm the same way. Many many years ago, when I first joined the Navy, I ran on the treadmill 5 days a week - 3 miles a day and that's all I wanted to do. No outside running, until I was forced to do so.

Now, I'd rather run in wind, cold, slight rain, etc than to step foot on the dreadmill.

Bummer on the Garmin footpod.