Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bike 10/26/08

I got in a quick ride after work before it got too dark. I really need to invest in headlights and such. It wasn't as glorious as my longer rides, but it was still nice to get out.

And I feel the need to mention that I really suck lately with keeping up with all your blogs. I'm sorry. You're not forgotten. I just haven't been in my Google Reader these days. I will catch up though. I promise. So bear with me if you see me leaving comments on something you blogged a month ago. LOL.

Route:Park and Around the Way
Elev. Avg:0 ft
Location:Willingboro, NJ
Elev. Gain:-17 ft
Date:10/26/08Up/Downhill: [+254/-271]
Time:05:30 PMDifficulty:1.9 / 5.0

Distance: 5.75 miles

Speed:10.1 mph

Pace:5' 56 /miHeart Rate:127 bpm (Avg)
150 bpm (Peak)

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Jess said...

Nice ride. And don't worry about catching up: You'll get to it when you get to it.

Laurel said...

Glad you are still enjoying your bike. I haven't been out in forever...sigh.

SLB said...


For sure get some lights to see with and be seen by!

Be careful out there!

peter said...

you be careful out there! Cross training is good. I've been thoroughly enjoying the DC Smartbike bike loaner program.

Stephen said...

Good for you on getting a shorter ride in. That is one of my weaker areas as I like long bike rides, but don't feel like the hassle of getting suited up (helmet, shorts, shoes, etc) for a short ride so I have frequently skipped them (much to my detriment)