Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cutting it short

I was scheduled for 5mi but it just wasn't in me. Good thing I stopped when I did. I felt light headed as soon as I stopped. I wanted to fall out in the woods to rest, but I didn't. Instead, I stood for a few seconds before I felt well enough to mosey on home. Look at my max heart rate. I just wasn't feeling right. Usually I just breathe deeper and I'm good to go. But I just couldn't catch my breath. I don't know. It could be a combination of things. I've been tired and headachey (I'm convinced it's work related). That explains why I skipped Monday's and Tuesday's runs (Saturday's 8miler was skipped for a whole other reason though). And I've been craving fried food. But the worst part is that I've been too tired to cook and I haven't worked a veggie into my meal plan (What meal plan?). My period is due soon so I think that's part of it. But I've run better than this on my period. So I'm thinking that with my diet being crap, it's just not my day. My last mile was horrible compared to mile 3. So why don't we call this a bootleg tempo run and call it a day. I'm going to shower and chill out for the rest of the day and hopefully put this crap run behind me.

Music: Endangered Species Remixed by Nickodemus
I've had this album for months and I'm just now getting around to it. I love music, but I'm so bad when it comes to listening to something new. Usually I get in the mood to hear one thing over and over and over again. So today, I went with something new to me. It's a pretty decent album. Check it out.

Elev. Avg:36 ft
Location:Willingboro, NJElev. Gain:-30 ft
Date:09/03/08Up/Downhill: [+104/-134]
Time:10:53 AMDifficulty:2.0 / 5.0


76 F temp; 73% humidity

79 F heat index; winds Calm

Distance: 4.00 miles

Speed:6.3 mph

Pace:9' 27 /miHeart Rate:176 bpm (Avg)
202 bpm (Peak)
Elevation (ft)
Pace (min/mile)
Heart Rate (bpm)
Heart Rate Zones
In Zone
In Zone
193 - 1110h 00m1% 0.07 mi
2111 - 1300h 02m7% 0.26 mi
3130 - 1480h 01m3% 0.12 mi
4148 - 1670h 05m13% 0.53 mi
5167 - 1850h 10m26% 1.05 mi
(none)out of range0h 19m51% 2.08 mi
MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Heart
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
19' 50+0' 246.1-0.2144-52 ft
29' 26-0' 006.4+0.0179+29 ft
39' 06-0' 206.6+0.2190-30 ft
end9' 24-0' 026.4+0.0196+23 ft
Versus average of 9' 26 min/mile

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tfh said...

You were going at a fast clip-- looks like a good tempo. Just too bad you didn't feel better doing it. Oh well. Next time.

Jess said...

Don't under-estimate the draining effects of PMS. That week before, I'm completely wiped out.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Holy $hit, you're in a crazy HR zone!!!!

Michelle J said...

Christie do you think it was the humidity? I was out 6.45am and i had a hard time with my run due to the muggy feeling. Also you run darn fast my friend!!! Must faster than i do!!!

Be well!


Marcy said...

Ken's not kidding! Dang girl that was insane!

SLB said...

Good mental training, put it behind you and move on, tommorow's a new day

Nettie said...

Um, so how are you now? It's like 4 days later!

Mendy said...

How ya doing? Chica, that sounds bad, and unfortunately a lot like the days before I get PMS. I just feel that something's "not right", you know.

Hope you are doing better.

DawnB said...

hope you're feeling better