Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Seis de Mayo

I set out for 6mi but I did only 4mi. It doesn't matter. I'm not following the schedule anyway. I'm just trying to get out there. I made sure I had lots of tofu last night at Silk City. But the drinks that came afterwards didn't help too much. Yes, I spent the night dancing. Last night, I danced off whatever I didn't run off today. King Britt spins every Monday and they have a live band. The music was alright so I danced all night. Oh, and the best part was that someone asked me if I was a dancer. Then I was asked if I studied modern dance. Nope, I just like to dance. I really need to dance more. It makes me happy and it's great exercise.

So on to today's run. It was okay. I was going to 6mi, but then I figured it wouldn't be wise. I'd just go for 4. I went two weeks without running. I can't just jump into 6mi. Then I was pretty sure that last night's activities dehydrated me. Then I just wasn't into it. And then I felt a lil something going on with my knee/fibula thingy going into mile 4. Luckily I decided to stop at 4. My fibula wasn't too affected. I stopped before anything major could happen. It's all good. I'm just glad that I can run. There was a time that I couldn't even run a mile no matter how hard I tried. Now when I try, I bang out 4. Go me!!

Music: Silhouette Brown
This is really smooth. Too smooth for running, but I was in that kind of mood today. I would love to see this band live. They have ridiculous harmony. I'm all about harmony.

Route:--Elev. Avg:34 ft
Location:Willingboro, NJElev. Gain:-27 ft
Date:05/06/08Up/Downhill: [+104/-131]
Time:03:25 PMDifficulty:1.7 / 5.0
 76 F temp; 20% humidity
 74 F heat index; winds W 7

Distance: 4.01 miles
Speed:5.5 mph
Pace:10' 58 /miHeart Rate:173 bpm (Avg)
Calories:455190 bpm (Peak)
Cool Down = .46mi
Elevation (ft)
Pace (min/mile)
Heart Rate (bpm)
Heart Rate Zones
In Zone
In Zone
193 - 1110h 00m0% 0.01 mi
2111 - 1300h 00m1% 0.05 mi
3130 - 1480h 02m5% 0.20 mi
4148 - 1670h 09m20% 0.81 mi
5167 - 1850h 25m56% 2.29 mi
(none)out of range0h 08m19% 0.82 mi
MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Heart
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
111' 23+0' 255.3-0.2154-52 ft
211' 10+0' 125.4-0.1173+39 ft
310' 48-0' 105.5+0.1178-36 ft
410' 32-0' 265.7+0.2187+23 ft
Versus average of 10' 58 min/mile

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Greg On the Run said...

What gadget are you carrying and why haven't you been out there running?

Nettie said...

where are you????