Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I apologize. I have not been a good virtual friend these days. I haven't been running, so I've not been in the loop. I haven't read a blog or even been on Kickrunners, and I love that site. I did take my knee out for a spin on Feb 2nd. I only ran 2mi. I was so not healed. My knee reminded me. It screamed at me actually. It's weird because it felt fine until I started mile 2. Afterwards was pretty bad though. I had a painful walk home. It was pain I had never felt before. Okay, so I'll give it some more time. I haven't run since. I was thinking I'd see how the knee is doing after 2 weeks. That will bring me to this Saturday. Hopefully it will be better by then.

In other news, I've come down with a cold or something. And I never get sick sick. It started out with a throat tickle. Then it turned into a painful cough, congestion (in the ears too), a ridiculous headache, cold sweat, and loss of appetite. I guess it doesn't help that I can't really taste anything. So why bother? Good news is that I'm on my way to 6 pack abs with all the coughing I've been doing. Seriously, my abs are sore.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing better than I am. I'll be back to checking y'all out once my energy is back up.


Veg*Triathlete said...

Yuck! I've been a little worried in your absence... I'm sorry to hear the knee's not doing well, but hopefully with the running rest you get from the cold, the knee will take care of itself. Take care!

turtle tracks said...

I'm sorry to year you're sick and hope you (and your knee) will be feeling better soon.

Topher said...

Hope you're better soon. Isn't it frustrating as a runner, just wanting to run but can't because you feel like crap? Oh, sorry, guess reminding you of that won't help.

Marcy said...

Ohhh girl I hear you! My abs are killer with all the coughing I've doen the past couple days. I hope you start feeling better soon!

Jill said...

Feel better Christie! I just came down with bronchitis myself.

Jeannie said...

I hope you feel better Christie--both from your virus and your poor knee.

I'm glad you're back bloggin'!

Take care! Eat some good vegan food.