Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nice and Easy

So I set out for a 12:00/mi pace since I've been feeling like crap lately. Well, that's not what happened. What did happen is that I improved my 7 mi pace by a bit. And I did learn that if I start out slow, my heart rate is more under control. Go figure. Anyway, here are the numbers.

Yoga: 25min
Yoga For Every Body: Hips, Knees, Ankles and Feet

Avg pace: 11:05/mi
Heart Rate: 122 Avg/178 Max
Calories: 830

1mi @ 12:01
2mi @ 11:34
3mi @ 11:02
4mi @ 10:48
5mi @ 10:46
6mi @ 10:45
7mi @ 10:35

Breakfast: PB&J and rooibus chai
Pre-run: Apple
Post-run: Chocolate soymilk diluted w/unsweetened soymilk
Lunch: Baked beans w/rice
Snack: Chips and pretzels
Dinner: VWAV Tempeh Reuben w/spicy oven baked fries and steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)
Snack: More diluted chocolate soymilk in a big cup for a late night recovery drink


Nettie said...

What half marathon are you training for or are you just following the program for structure?

Christie said...

Just following a program for structure. I'm thinking about racing this year, but I'm not sure yet.

DiamondPrincess said...

You are such an inspiration!

Marcy said...

Looking good!! Real good ;D ;D

Jeannie said...

Well done Christie! You are so inspiring! Nice and easy is the way to go!

Veg*Triathlete said...

Nice work!!!

peter said...

It's good to take a mile to warm up, and then inexorably start squeezing the pace like you did. Wow, negative split on every mile. I can't do that, I'm like the energizer bunny's doppelganger, I go out gangbusters then inexorably slow as I wind down.

Jeannie said...

D'oh! I only just now realized the HM tag meant half marathon and not heart monitor!!

Again, good job!