Sunday, January 13, 2008

Finally a good one

So I took Jen's advice and refueled during the run. My splits weren't the best. But can I just say that I felt wonderful? The wonderfulness is kinda odd because I ended up getting my monthly visitor after the run. That explains why I felt like crap last week. It would also explain why I've been feeling fat lately. Hormones can talk to you into thinking that you're fat when you know you're not. Anyway, back to the run. I felt good and the time seemed to fly. Usually, I'm aware of every minute I'm out there. This run felt shorter than my last 7 miler. Weird, but good. I'll take that. And, I shaved 3min off my time. I wasn't even trying. Go me:) I really don't understand how I manage to speed up in the later miles. I think I convince myself that the first couple miles are just a warm up. So here's the breakdown.

Music: Cherry by Lisa Shaw (mile 1-5) and Musique, Vol. 1 1993 - 2005 by Daft Punk (mile 5-8)

Avg pace: 11:05/mi
Heart Rate: 171 Avg/186 Max
Calories: 953

1mi @ 11:37
2mi @ 11:32
3mi @ 11:05
4mi @ 11:14
5mi @ 10:47
6mi @ 10:55
7mi @ 10:44
8mi @ 10:38

Cornmeal mush w/maple syrup, flaxseed and unsweetened soymilk
Pre/during run: Orange (finished in mile 4)
Post-run: Huge cup of chocolate soymilk diluted w/unsweetened soymilk
PB&J w/rooibos chai (rooibos tea is good for recovery too)
Dinner: Baked bbq tofu, steamed collard greens, and baked potato w/olive oil and S&P
Snack: Apple and Clif Builder bar (chocolate mint)


Veg*Triathlete said...

Dang. You just rock. I hope fueling helped. I really feel the difference in my next workout. Not that I'm running anywhere near your mileage (yet :-)

Christie said...

I'm sure you'll have your mileage back up in no time.

Jeannie said...

You are awesome! Congratulations on the joyous run.

Christie said...

Thanks, Jeannie :)

Frank Castiglione said...

I don't know if I'm reading your times correctly, but it looks like you get faster with each mile. That's really impressive. I'm the other way around!

P.O.M. said...

I love that tea! Thanks for stoppin by my blog. I'm going to check out your music now :)

Jill said...

Your splits are perfect! I always refuel during all of my runs. I think it's really important. What did you use? Remind me again which HM you're training for? I don't think I know.

Christie said...

Jill, I refueled with half an orange. I'm not training for any race at the moment. I'm just following a program to have some sort of structure and to increase mileage.

Marcy said...

Negative splits!!! Very nice, very nice! ;D

Kate said...

You've got a great negative split! :)

Who is SLB+? said...

It's really important that you fuel on the go when your runs go beyond the hour mark, try for a carb/protein mix, gels are good or bars or a caloric fluid but you need something.

Nice negative split run as well, good job!