Saturday, January 5, 2008

8 Horrible Splits

I ran on the path through the woods in the park. It's so much harder than the road. It's not as smooth with potholes everywhere. Also there are more inclines, so much that it felt like I didn't get a chance to rest a bit. I probably should have run the path a couple times in the opposite direction. I finished the last 1.5mi on the road. So yeah, my splits aren't good at all. But I was a bit faster than my 8 on the 8th. I burned more calories too. I predicted I'd do an avg pace of 11:30/mi. I was close.

Collected by Massive Attack

Avg pace: 11:29/mi
Heart Rate: 177 Avg/189 Max
Calories: 957

1mi @ 11:35
2mi @ 11:13
3mi @ 11:14
4mi @ 11:29
5mi @ 11:35
6mi @ 11:39
7mi @ 11:38
8mi @ 11:25

Breakfast: Cornmeal mush w/maple syrup, flaxseed and unsweetened soymilk
Lunch: PB&J w/rooibus chai
Dinner: Smoky grilled tempeh, steamed collard greens, and a baked sweet potato w/S&P and EB
Snack: Smoothie w/strawberry, blueberry, banana, hemp protein and unsweetened soymilk
Late night snack: Rooibus chai w/the last two sugar cookies (I must make more)


Who is SLB+? said...

Trail running will always be harder than the road, but it is less punishing on your body. You'll probably find you're a bit slower as well, at least to start. It's a better overall workout though and the scenery is much nicer. If you're doing more of the same you should consider some trail shoes.

Christie said...

Oh no. It's not a trail at all. It's asphalt through the woods that seriously needs to be repaved.

Vickie said...

Christie, you're very consistent, so that means more than your pace, especially when you are increasing mileage. It is actually recommended to run a little slower and keep your heart rate under control, which it looks like you are doing more and more. You should try all those runs you mentioned!

Christie said...

You know, Vickie, I never thought of it that way. Thanks.

WannaBe5Ker said...

I've never run on a trail or through the woods, really. Your pace is great and the splits are actually really uniform, that has to be a good thing about YOU (despite the bad running path).

I saw WTG!

Frank Castiglione said...

That's some serious mileage!!!