Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm Getting Better

Wow. I did 5mi at a sub 11:00 pace. What is going on with the world? It's weird because I didn't set out to pick up the pace today. I just did. I am taking more deep breaths through my mouth. I guess that's what I need to get my lungs to catch up with my legs. When I run, my muscles aren't burning or anything. But I couldn't really speed up because my lungs weren't ready for it. Well, I'm glad they're starting to cooperate now.

I was supposed to run yesterday, but it was raining hard. So I took myself to the park today. I started out on the path through the woods, but had to nix that. The path was slick with wet leaves and I almost slipped on a branch that was hidden under the leaves. In mile 2, I had to stop for a potty break. Good thing there are plenty of porta-potties throughout the park. AND, it was fully stocked with tissue and hand sanitizer. Thank you, God. I ended up jogging on the road through the park in the opposite direction this time (facing traffic). Let me just say, it was a lot more challenging. The parts that I thought were flat definitely were not. There were a whole lot more inclines going on. And is it just me? But I run the inclines faster then slow down (to rest) on the downslope. Not sure if it's supposed to be done like that, but it works for me.

Well, I'm scheduled for 7mi on Sunday. But we're expecting snow, so I'm thinking I'll try to get it in tomorrow. Depends on how my legs are feeling. We'll see.

Music: Nude Dimensions: Naked Music Vol. I mixed by Miguel 'Migs'

Avg pace: 10:53/mi
Calories: 595
Forgot the heart rate monitor today.

1mi @ 11:25
2mi @ 10:36
3mi @ 11:01
4mi @ 10:52
5mi @ 10:29

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/cinnamon, raisins, vanilla and flaxseed
Pre-run: Chocolate hemp milk
Post-run More hemp milk
Late lunch/dinner Bertucci's pizza w/lots of veggies, no cheese, dinner rolls, glass of Cabernet, lots of water
Snack: Smoothie w/banana, strawberry, blueberry, OJ, unsweetened soymilk, and hemp protein


Veg*Triathlete said...

You are kicking butt!!! I gather you like the hemp milk. Is it good on its own? Tell, tell, tell!

Christie said...

You know, I was expecting the chocolate hemp milk to be disgustingly sweet (that's how I feel about chocolate soymilk now). But it wasn't. It's pretty good. I'd buy it again.