Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Doing it in the park

I went to the park today. I can't help but to notice cars in the various parking lots, but no one is out IN the park. I'm convinced people are having a midday rendezvous. I mean, why come to the park and not get out of the car. But hey, that's not my business.

Anyway, it's that special time all women hate, and all their partners hate even more. So I wasn't in the mood. I'm surprised I had negative splits. Mile 3 didn't feel as smooth as mile 2. So I figured I'd slow down a bit. I guess I didn't. I wasn't really checking Garmin, just going by how I felt. Oh well. I'm happy with the numbers.

Avg pace: 10:19/mi
Heart Rate: 178 Avg/191 Max
Calories: 357

1mi @ 10:29
2mi @ 10:18
3mi @ 10:09

Breakfast: Hot chocolate soymilk w/unsweetened soymilk mixed to cut the sweetness. Then I had some TJ's Toasted Oatmeal flakes w/raisins a lil later.
Pre-run: OJ
Lunch: More hot chocolate and cinnamon toast
Dinner: Veg*Triathlete's Greenie Tahini bowl w/collard greens, broccoli, tempeh and quinoa
Snack: Smoothie w/banana, strawberry, blueberry, hemp protein, unsweetened soymilk and OJ

I was craving the Greenie Tahini bowl yesterday. I really wanted to use swiss chard. I went to two stores and they were all out. So collards it was. It turned out pretty good.


turtle tracks said...

My sister and I were walking our dogs in the woods a few years back and stumbled up on a couple doing rude things on a log. If someone's having a rendezvous in your park, be grateful they're staying in their car...

I ran today, too! Go us!

DawnB said...

I know when I go to the park unless its georgous out I stay in the car. The reason I'm at the park is to get out of the office and have some alone time.

You had a great run today nice splits you are getting faster.

Christie said...

Katie, I'm glad you got a run in. Hopefully, the weather will hold up for you the rest of the week.

Dawn, I'm really surprised at my numbers. It's crazy to check Garmin to see my pace at 10:something more often.

peter said...

Nice smooth downward trend on your mile times as your body warmed up. Keep up the good work. And that green tofu dish pictured behind that link looked delicious!

Christie said...

Thanks, Peter. I can't take any credit for the food pic. That's all Veg*Triathlete's. It is really good though. You should try it.

Veg*Triathlete said...

Ha, ha! The park theory cracked me up. Nothing like a little Afternoon Delight! Now I'M craving the greenie tahini bowl! I'm totally going to try it with quinoa, too. Your running is going so well, by the way! Neg splits - in the workout and in your training in general. You just keep getting faster!

Christie said...

Jen, quinoa was a nice addition since I've been neglecting my protein lately. And it cooks up a whole lot quicker than brown rice. When I'm starving, brown rice is the last thing I wanna cook. Who has that kind of time?

Frank Castiglione said...

Yeah, I feel the same way. Brown rice takes a long time. That's why I'll usually cook a big batch at once...but then it gets soggy :(
Quinoa is a great alternative.

turtle tracks said...

The weather has actually been cooperating on the days I run, which is really strange since the weather people have been saying it's going to rain all week.

Needless to say, I've been taking advantage of the sun breaks!