Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yoga and Sleeplessness

I woke up tired with the same headache. I figured yoga would help, but it didn't. I was still tired. AND the worst part is I can't fall asleep. Well, I did dose off for about 20min during a horrible movie but that doesn't count. It's not like I'm feeling refreshed. I'm just hoping my high calorie dinner will make me pass out in the next half hour.

Yoga: 25min
Yoga For Every Body: Good Morning

Breakfast: Finished the other half of last night's dinner
Snack: Sugar cookies and a smoothie w/strawberry, banana, blueberry, flaxseed and unsweetened soymilk
Lunch: Soba leftovers
Dinner: Same as last night w/Capri Sun

No, I'm not a juice drink drinker. For the most part I drink water all day everyday. But it was there, so I figured why not?


Veg*Triathlete said...

A capri sun sounds yummy! I got to have one not too long ago after I passed out giving blood. It practically made me feel like I was on the beach with a canister of pringles in my hand :-)

Those sugar cookies sound tasty, too.

Hmmm... seems like you've inspired a major junkfood craving. Thanks!!!

Sorry you're still not feeling alright, but I hope tomorrow's better.

Christie said...

Thanks. I used whole wheat flour, turbinado sugar, and subbed half the oil for apple sauce in the cookies. Hopefully that makes it not so junky:)

Veg*Triathlete said...

Ah, yes, the "health cookies." Hope you had a great Thanksgiving :-)

DawnB said...

Well I hope you are feeling better, got some sleep and had a wonderful thanksgiving!!