Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When it's cold and windy...

You pick up the pace. Ain't no sense being outside longer than I have to be.

Music: Dewdrops in the Garden by Deee-Lite

Jog Stats
Avg Pace: 10:35/mi
Heart Rate: 176 Avg/192 Max
Calories: 239

Yoga: 30min
Yoga For Every Body: General Practice: Floor

Lunch: PB&J and hot tea
Snack: Cinnamon sugar almonds and an apple
Dinner: Spicy black beans cooked w/tomatoes, corn and baby spinach w/brown rice
Snack: Chocolate Mint Clif Builder's bar

No breakfast today. I know. I'm bad. I got a late start.


DawnB said...

And pick it up you did. Nice job.

Christie said...

Thanks, Dawn. I actually ran with my hands in my pockets. I wasn't out there long enough for them to warm up.