Friday, November 16, 2007

Week 9 Day 3

It was cold and very windy. I'm surprised I didn't get blown off the track. Part of the run felt like I was running uphill. Yeah, that's a lot of wind.

I was amused when I checked my time and saw that I had 40min to go. I thought to myself.. Oh, I can do that. It takes me 15-20min to get warmed up anyway. I crack myself up. That would have never crossed my mind 4mos ago when I was checking the time during a 60sec running interval. By the way, I started running 4mos ago today. This is the longest I've stuck with anything. Boy have I changed.

Okay, so next week is the last week of One Hour Runner. Here's the plan..Week 10: Run 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes Weekly total: 130 minutes. But before all that, I plan to rest up for a night of dancing aka cross-training:)

Music: Northern Exposure, Vol. 1, Disk 2 mixed by Sasha and John Digweed then switched to a mix by DJ Statik 22min into the run

Yeah, Disk 2 isn't good for running at all. Too much non-music going on. Not sure if that makes any sense. You'd have to listen for yourself to see what I mean. So I had to go with old faithful. I did sing a bit after I switched up the music.

Jog Stats
Avg Pace: 11:18/mi
Heart Rate: 164 Avg/189 Max
Calories: 563

Yoga: 30min
Yoga For Every Body: Hip Mobility

This routine is perfect after a run. Hamstrings got a good stretch during Trikonasana. But is it just me? Or does that pose also strengthen your triceps? If it's not supposed to do that, Oh Well. My arms need the work anyway.

Oatmeal w/raisins, cinnamon, turbinado sugar, vanilla, unsweetened soymilk
Snack: Bolthouse Farms Blue Goodness smoothie
Lunch: Finished the smoothie and also had baby carrots, hummus on hemp toast, and hot tea w/soy cream and sugar
Dinner: Tempeh, kale and sweet potato leftovers


DawnB said...

congratulations on your 4 month aniversary. girl you are doing great!!

Did I tell you I like your new blog title.

Christie said...

Thanks. It was about time for a change.