Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Week 9 Day 1 Practice Run

Yeah, that's what I'm calling it because Garmin's foot pod accessory isn't that great indoors. I ran yesterday after 5pm. I ran on the indoor track at the Y since it's pitch black at that time now. Anyway, the thing was no good at calculating my speed. It said I was walking when I was jogging. And in the end, it was about a mile off from the distance had actually done. I ran for 30min, and I improve my distance just a tad every time I run it. Well, Garmin clocked me at 1.69mi. Yeah, that's way off. I actually ran faster than usual trying to get Garmin to stop yelling (beeping) at me. So once the rain clears up, I'm going to do it again outside. And if the rain doesn't clear up, I'll just be bored to death on a treadmill somewhere, but darn it, I want my numbers correct.

In other news, I've completely recovered from this weekend. I did lots of dancing and probably burned off more calories than I ate. I really wouldn't be surprised if I did. If I go out every weekend, I'll have 6-pack abs in no time. But it wasn't the dancing (or drinking) that got me, it was the lack of sleep Friday and Saturday nights. The worst part was I got in at 5:30am on Sunday and had to be at a TIPs seminar by 10am somewhere deep in Philly. I got home around 5pm. I'm really surprised I didn't lose my mind. I was running on a small cup of coffee and a protein bar. And I'm not the nicest person when I haven't eaten or slept. But I was on my best behavior because I actually had to learn stuff and take a test.

That's all for now. I'll report on my official run later.

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