Friday, November 30, 2007

I feel horrible

It all started when I woke up with a headache yesterday. I should have postponed the 5mi tempo run, but I didn't. I figured I'd make myself a smoothie and all would be okay. And I did feel a little better until I got to the track. The run was very labored. I guess I should have eaten something of more substance. I don't know. My shoulders and arms ended up sore. I could feel it during the run. It wasn't a good situation. I did yoga afterwards since it always helps. I was so tight. I'm not too sure why.

Later, I met up my friend, K, for dinner. I met at her place around 6ish. And up til that point, I only had a smoothie (before and after the run) and water. We went to Zen Palate in Princeton. I started with edamame, because I was seriously lacking in protein at that point. Then I had the Zen burger with yam fries. I needed something fried with calories since I hardly had any. A couple hours later, we ended up at Small World Coffee to pass the time (I helped her grade papers). We were going to meet a couple of her friends for drinks later. At this point, I still had a headache, so I ordered a soy latte hoping that the caffeine would help. Well, I ended up adding a bit too much sugar, so I only drank half.

So off to Winberries we go for drinks. This is when I get really, REALLY sick. Mind you, I didn't have a drink. K asked if I wanted something. But I felt like I was drunk on an empty stomach. Next thing you know, off to the bathroom I go because I couldn't take it anymore. Yes, people, I hurled. I threw up everything I ate. But I felt so much better afterwards.

We left and went to Yankee Doodle Tap Room because Winberries was way too crowded. I spent the evening drinking nothing but water. My stomach was hurting, probably from being empty. I don't know if it was the veggie burger or the sweet coffee, but whatever it was, it didn't agree with me.

I got home around 1am. I had a few pretzels before bed. They made my stomach hurt. Heck, my stomach still hurts now. I got in a good 4hrs of sleep. I woke up with a headache even worse than yesterday's. And I can't go back to sleep because it hurts that bad. I figured I'd spend today in bed being sore from running. But that's not the case. Or maybe I am sore, but I just can't tell because my head hurts that much worse in comparison.

So yeah, that was my day. And here are yesterday's numbers...

Music: Walking Wounded by Everything But The Girl

Jog Stats
1mi @ 13:21 (This was my warm up)
2-4mi @ 11:33 (I walked for about 30 sec in mile 4. I just wasn't feeling it.)
5mi @ 12:23
Avg Pace: 12:05/mi
Calories: 545

Yoga: 30min
Yoga For Every Body: Hip Mobility


DawnB said...

what a lousy day you had yesterday I hope you are feeling better today.

Christie said...

Thanks, Dawn. I am feeling a bit better today.

Frank Castiglione said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!

Veg*Triathlete said...

Oh, man! I hope you're feeling better :-) (Oh, I see from your comment that you are. Yay!)

I'd like to send you a blogger invitation to a vegan athlete group blog, if you're interested... I'm thinking it could be a forum to chat & share training & nutrition info in a more specific setting. E-mail your e-mail address (click on the e-mail button on my "about me" page).

peter said...

Glad you're feeling better, that was a tough (but full) day. Yoga really helps things out. I've gotten away from it and I have to get back to it. That looked like a good DVD you linked to.