Monday, October 1, 2007

Well that sucked

Today I replaced yoga with a crappy run. I had a hard time getting up. I had a harder time getting out of the house. I'm just feeling LAZY. I was too lazy to go to the Y. So I went to the outdoor track around the way. And with all that, why did I decide to try something new? I read somewhere about shortening your stride and taking more steps. Something like that. I almost got one lap in when I said, "Oh hell no." I canned that idea and set my timer again.

Okay. This time, let me go with the stride I know. But let me try running with my mouth slightly open because I read that somewhere too. I usually just breathe through my nose, mouth closed. Well, it was weird because I could feel my lips jumping as I jogged. And having my mouth slightly open made me breathe through it too. I wasn't too comfortable with that. My mantra was, "I can do this. I am able." But I had a louder voice saying, "I REALLY WANNA STOP." I wasn't in pain. I wasn't out of breath. I just wasn't with it. And when I stopped, I got a little lightheaded. I haven't felt that way for months. I forced myself to stretch a bit, then got in the car. That's when I realized how thirsty I was. My mouth was DRY. I shoulda kept my mouth closed. Yeah, next time, damn all the experts. I'm gonna run how the hell I run, and that's that.

So I wonder if this crappy run has anything to do with my lack of smoothies lately. It took forever for the bananas to ripen. And I can't have a good smoothie without bananas. In the meantime, I've been craving greasy food. I've had a few unsalted chips yesterday, which apparently wasn't good enough because the craving is still here. I'm putting tempeh burgers fries on the menu. Hopefully that will work.

Music: Aquarian Moon by Osunlade

Warm up: .25mi
Jog: 15:07min (1.25mi, not including the bullcrap lap)
Cool down: .25mi

Breakfast: Pumpkin spice granola w/unsweetened soy milk
Pre-run: Grapes
Post-run: Apple, cashews and a smoothie w/an extra ripe banana, strawberry, blueberry, flaxseed and unsweetened soy milk
Honestly, the only thing I tasted was banana. Maybe they're too ripe. I should make muffins.
Dinner: Tempeh burgers w/sauteed onions and baked fries
Snack: Multi-Grain Cheerios w/unsweetened soy milk

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