Thursday, October 25, 2007

Week 6 Day 2

Yep, it's that kinda day when I don't want to get out of bed. Honestly, I'm surprised I did. Because I sho nuff didn't go to class today. I could have taken my speed test and been done with it, but I didn't feel like going a whole 20min out of my way. And that requires me to put a comb through my hair to look halfway decent. Not happening. Yep, just that kinda day. And the weather isn't helping. It's rainy and 20* colder than last time I ran 2 DAYS AGO?!?!? If I get sick, you know why. Anyway, my yoga routine explains it all. It made me feel a bit better though.

Yoga: 20min
Yoga For Every Body: Practice During Menstruation

Music: Musique, Vol. 1: 1993-2005 by Daft Punk
Instead of listening to Kanye West's blatant jack of a Daft Punk song, I'd rather listen to the original. Come on, people!! Make your own music, please.

Jog Stats
Avg Pace: 11:35/mi
Heart Rate: 176 Avg/189 Max
Calories: 337

You see the time stamp, right? Well, so far I've had PB&J with hot tea and a few cashews before the run. I really don't eat that much around this time. I'm debating about cooking a little something. Or just having PB&J again and calling it a night.


Vegan Doc said...

Christie, You're really an inspiration! Don't worry about being too slow compared to anyone else, because you're doing more than most people dare to do.

Veg*Triathlete said...

You know how some women pig out on chocolate & cake during *that* time? Last night I went to the drugstore to buy some, er, supplies and my impulse craving was to buy JIF peanut butter. You know, the totally-loaded-with-sugar and who-knows-what-else kind of PB? There was an evil little bird on my shoulder whispering, f-natural peanut butter. Get THIS stuff. I just had some and it's sooooo yummy. I thought it was really funny that this was my craving. Back in the day I would've been scarfing down hashbrowns & egg biscuits from McD's.

Sorry, probably TMI, eh?

Take it easy if you need to. Your running is coming along great! Someday, when my shoes finally come in, I will join you (and I'll probably need some major pep talks after not running for 3+ months).

Anonymous said...

i think your pace is nice and steady. it's good for your body!

Christie said...

Thanks, Doc. I needed that. I can be too hard on myself sometimes. I've only been doing this for 3mos and some change. I really need to calm down.

Jen, I know what you mean. I felt kinda bad about the fries I had the other day. I forgot how I used to crave cheese steaks w/cheese fries. And let's not forget the greasy bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from McD's. Oh and about running, I think my advice to you would be not to go too fast trying to pick up where you left off. Ease back into it.

Stonielove, I'm interested to see where my pace will be 3mos from now. When I started, it was around 13:00. I'm trying not to be too obsessed with it. But I can't help but to check my stats as soon as the run is over.