Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week 4 Day 2

My hips and thighs are still tight. I'm not sure why. So I focused on those areas in yoga. I ended up stretching again on a barstool in class. Actually, I left class early today. I've been taking day and night classes. I have a headache and I'm just tired. I haven't had a chance to cook or make a smoothie. And smoothies are quick. I have just enough time to workout, shower and go. I'm going to bed early tonight. Hopefully that means I'll get up earlier and have more "Me" time.

I ran outside. It was sunny, but the air was cool. This older guy I sometimes see on the track asked me if I was just getting warmed up. No, sir. The warm up would be me walking. I always jog this slow. Ha ha! But I told him that I've been jogging for only 3mos and this is the fastest I'll be going for a while. Oddly enough there was someone there who was slower than me. It made me feel like a pro. And I'm so far from it.

I'm not sure what happened, but I completely lost track of time. I left the track at 12:25pm and I had to be in class by 1pm. I'm not a chatty person at all, but I ended up talking to the same guy after the cool down. He had some good advice. He said to just get out there and make it fun. I'm out there, don't know about the fun part though. I can't say that I enjoy running yet. So why do I run? Because I can.

Yoga: 30min
Yoga For Every Body: Hip Mobility

Music: James Brown 20 All Time Greatest Hits

Jog Stats
Avg Pace: 11:20/mi (used to be around 13:00/mi)
Heart Rate: 151 Avg/181 Max
Calories: 308

Pre-run: OJ
Snack: Banana
Lunch: Chocolate Mint Clif Builder's Bar
Dinner: Vegetarian platter from Norma's
Falafel, tahini, tabbouleh, hummus, stuffed grape leaves and pita bread


Veg*Triathlete said...

Christie, the progress with your pace is fantastic! I love how dedicated you are. "All motion counts" is what I always remind myself if I'm feeling slow or questioning what I'm doing (both of which I do often!). You're doing great.

Christie said...

Thanks. This whole time I was thinking I wasn't getting any faster. I'm surprised I stuck with it. This is the longest I've done anything. I want this to be a lifestyle change.