Monday, October 8, 2007

Week 4 Day 1

No yoga today. I really need to get that in tomorrow. I feel like I'm missing something when I skip a day. Anyway, I was annoyed when I left the house. My mom's in town, and I'll just leave it at that. Not sure if that has to with how I felt on the track though. No matter how slow I went I just wanted to stop. But I stuck with it. There was nothing really wrong with me, I just wasn't with it. The apple I ate was in my throat after the run. It was a small apple (about the size of a plum). So I'm not sure what that was about.

In other news, I bought a Garmin. I was going to get it next month for my birthday. But there was a sale and rebate going on so I figured I'd get it now. I was really excited before it got here. I haven't taken it out of the box yet, so I guess the excitement just came and went.

Music: Electric Soul mixed by DJ Lil Dave

Warm up: A bit more than 5min (forgot to set my watch)
Jog: 30min
Cool down: 5min

Pre-run: Small apple
Lunch: Falafel w/tahini, hummus over mixed greens and pita bread from Whole Foods on my way to class
Snack: Vegan chocolate chip cookie from Whole Foods
Dinner: Tabbouleh salad w/pita bread and veggies w/couscous from Norma's
Snack: Another cookie
The cookie was a bad idea. I ate it about 2hrs ago and it's still in my throat.
Late night snack: Grapes


Veg*Triathlete said...

I'm so jealous of the garmin!!! Fun toys... Now you can post all kinds of cool data about your workouts!

Christie said...

And you'll get to see how slow I really am.

ReneeMc said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm going to add you to my link list so I remember to check in -- I need more people who love vegan chocolate chip cookies in my life.

You're doing great! And don't worry about slow. Just get it done, right?