Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Resting, Studying and Drinking

No workout today. I was beat. Sleep and I are not getting along. Sleep is not speaking to me at all. I went to bed tired with a headache. Those are the perfect conditions for a good sleep, right? Not!! I can count the hours of sleep I got on one hand. Oh, and I'm coming down with something with the weather changes. It's hot, it's cold, it's hot again. Dammit, make up your mind!!! Anyway, when I did finally get to sleep, I woke up before my alarm. That sucks. So I studied a bit. I haven't studied since I've been in the class (last Monday). I've been too tired. Class last week was from 1-5pm then 6-10pm. I'm supposed to take my midterm and final this week, along with a speed test. The speed test consists of 12 correct drinks made in 8 min. One of my instructors did 28 drinks in that time. Yeah, so not happening.

Anywho, I had a good food day, well, except for the liquor. Many peeps brought alcohol, so I had to partake. Okay, well not had to, but since I think I don't drink enough, I had some. I'm a social drinker and I was socializing, so that meets my requirements. I stayed for the shooters night class even though I took it last week. I'm terrible at shooters. So many recipes, so little time to remember them. So I practiced them behind the bar. Still not totally confident with them, but we'll see. Okay, best thing about tonight is that I got to play some house music and everyone screwed up my age big time. I've come to the conclusion that everyone doesn't look old. I just look young.

So here's my grub...

Breakfast: Hemp toast w/hummus, tomato, S&P and hot tea w/soy cream and sugar

Snack: Smoothie w/strawberry, blueberry, banana, flaxseed, and unsweetened soy milk

Lunch: Falafel sandwich w/veggie soup from Norma's

Drinks: Captain & Sprite, American flag shooter, Barcardi & Coke w/grenadine (and if I had something else, I sho nuff don't remember now)

Snack: Apple

Dinner: Tofu veggie leftovers


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Veg*Triathlete said...

Mmm... your post made me wanna go to a bar, ASAP ;-)