Friday, October 19, 2007

Pepper Spray

Where can I get some? The creepy, stalker guy was at the track today. We crossed paths. I was coming as he was leaving. I didn't realize it was him until he spoke to me. I had my headphones on and I was looking down at my mp3 player trying to decide what to listen to. Then this fool asks me if I want a personal trainer. This fool who appears to be well entrenched in his 40s with a stomach is bigger than my behind couldn't come up with a better line than that? No wonder why you're single. In any case, whatever he decides to come up with next, my answer will still be NO.

The last time I saw him at the track a couple months ago, I simply said Good Morning. And apparently, Good Morning is an invitation to enter my life in fool language. He wanted to chit chat and decided to wait for me in his car. That day I stayed on the track in the rain longer than I wanted to. While I was running, I was half listening to my music. I spent most of the time thinking about that situation. Every time I jogged by the parking lot I'd look to see if he was lurking anywhere. I was trying to remember the car he drove and wondering if he'd follow me. I decided that if someone was tailing me, I'd drive straight to the police station. It's in walking distance from my house.

So now it's time to switch up from the track. I guess I'll do the park next time or run around this boring residential neighborhood. Really, there's nothing to see. I need scenery. But I should still get pepper spray. I don't wanna be ghetto and make some bootleg pepper spray with a spray bottle and tabasco sauce. So where can I get some?


crallspace said...

Stores like Walgreens and Military surplus places have em... I would guess gunshops too.

(Sorry, I don't know where you live- I can only make Oregon recommendations.)

It would not be ghetto- just necessary. Can you bicycle as exercise? Those are quick getaway vehicles.

Christie said...

Thanks. We do have Walgreens here. I have to check it out. I haven't ridden a bike in years. I'd probably fall off:)

Veg*Triathlete said...

This is so creepy! I'm sorry you have to put up with this creepo... The pepper spray's not a bad idea. And-I know this puts a damper on things- you're good to be careful about the headphones. It's good to be able to hear if someone's coming up to you. Maybe you should run in track shoes that have spikes in them so you can kick him the balls & teach him a lesson!

Christie said...

Spiked track shoes..that's a good idea. I haven't been to my local running store yet. I should check them out.

Veg*Triathlete said...

I don't think they're *really* the best running option... but they'd do some damage, for sure!!!

Veg*Triathlete said...

Okay, here's my other "anti-stalker" move. It only works with a certain kind - the lonely sort, which it sounds like this one is. Bring a guy friend to the track & have him pose as your bf for a workout or two. Usually the lonely stalkers are drawn to their victims because they think they're available (and hence MUST be as lonely & desperate as they are, so fair game).

If he tries to talk to talk to you, explain to him that you consider your running as meditation and don't like to talk to people. Maybe he needs a direct rejection like this (yet it's not too personal, which can help avoid an outburst). I hope.

Christie said...

I've seen the guy only twice in a couple of months. I really need to change up my routine and run elsewhere. It would take lots of planning and scheduling to get someone to come with me. A lot of my friends are not local.

I don't know if I can be as nice with the whole meditation excuse. I'm a tell it like it is person. And most likely I'd end up saying that I don't want to be bothered on or off the track and to just leave me alone.

Veg*Triathlete said...

More direct is probably best. I just read your other post that you might have new running partner, too, so that'll be good.

Hopefully you just won't see this creep again!