Thursday, October 18, 2007

Guess What?

I may have a running partner. The bartender at Bertucci's offered to run with me. He used to run marathons and whatnot. I'm sure he can run 3x faster than me, which I think would annoy him. But he did say that we all gotta start somewhere. That is true. We've all had to do something at least once. And the more you do it, the better you get. It should be interesting because I've never run with anyone. Also, I want to check out the running community at Moorestown Running Company. They run Thursday nights. But of course, I wouldn't dare show my face until I have a decent pace. Otherwise, I'd end up being left behind and jogging alone anyway.

In other news, today is another rest day. Yes, I'm a wuss and haven't strength trained all week. Just been too tired to be bothered. And, I'm not going to fit it in either. Tomorrow I will be running, cooking for my aunt's b-day party (which is Saturday), getting finger prints for my title license, then driving with my other aunt to NYC in the afternoon to help decorate. Decorate? I can cook, but crafts are not my thing. Oh, and I'm bringing my textbook to study and possibly make drinks. Someone mentioned apple martinis. I got my shaker tins, mixing glass, and jigger. I'm ret to go.

Oh and for the record, I did not drink today. Just good food, good conversation and lots of water at the bar in Bertucci's. I was in the mood for pizza.

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crallspace said...

I'm almost wishing I didn't crack open the beer in front of me... it's a "Trafalgar IPA" Tastes expired...

I like your writing. I am going to add you to my links.