Friday, September 7, 2007

Week 8 Day 3

I rested yesterday although I felt so much better when I woke up. My right calf was more sore than anything else that was sore. It's still sore today, but not as bad. I used some Mineral Ice type product on it last night. It's amazing how I don't feel any of this stuff while I'm running.

Anyway, I wasn't really feeling today's run. I went to the Y later than usual. I guess I was procrastinating. There was no serious tennis match that needed my attention or anything. Well, I made it out there around 3ish. I couldn't really get into a good rhythm. There were quite a few people on the indoor track. I really should have left earlier. I'll keep that in mind on Monday. My pace was slower than I would have liked. But what matters is that I did it. And now I'm headed to my final week of this program. I still haven't decided what I'll do next. Maybe I'll start the One Hour Runner program first, then head into Hal Higdon's Spring Training. Since the first 3 weeks of OHR consist of running 30min for 3 days a week, I can work on my pace during that time. Hopefully it will come easier to me since Week 9 of C25k is the same program.

In other news, I subscribed to Runner's World magazine today. Does that officially make me a runner now?

Music: Global Underground: NuBreed, Disc 2 by Steve Lawler
This was a good choice today. There's some Latin influence and lots of percussion. I LOVE percussion.
Warm up walk: 5min
Jog: 28min
Cool down walk: 5min

Breakfast: A piece of toast w/grape jam
Pre-run: A few walnuts w/raisins
Lunch: Smoothie w/strawberry, blueberry, banana, flaxseed, and soy milk
Snack: A few honey wheat pretzel twists
Dinner: The last of the Tuscan bean polenta w/tempeh
Snack: Tofutti Marry Me Bar, more pretzel twists and a few dark chocolate covered almonds


turtle tracks said...

I can't even imagine running for 30 minutes straight! Good job!

Christie Love said...

Thanks. When I started, I couldn't imagine it either. Now I'm looking forward to doing 30min and more.

Anonymous said...

that's a long jog! great work! i hope your right calf will feel better :) i haven't read the runner's world magazine yet... let me know how you like it!

Christie Love said...

Thanks. My calf is so much better today. I'll let you know about RW. Hopefully, I won't forget. I won't have it for 4-6 weeks.