Sunday, September 9, 2007

I was thinking too much today, so I went to the gym. This is the first time I was in the actual fitness center of the Y location with the indoor track. There are tv monitors attached to the treadmills. Okay, maybe I'm ignorant. I really didn't think such things would exist at the YMCA. Bally's yes, YMCA no.

I got on the elliptical trainer. It's been ages since I've been on one. Well, not ages, but probably over a month. I was never an elliptical fan. Pre-iron, it would kick my ass in 5min or less. I was never in pain. I guess I was just winded. It's hard to describe the feeling. But whatever feeling you get when your blood cells don't carry enough oxygen to the areas in need is how I felt. Post-iron, we're actually friends. Okay, not friends exactly, but acquaintances. I don't love it. But I don't hate it either. It can be just a bit boring. It was a good workout though. I woke up to my arms a bit sore from yesterday's weights. Nothing serious. But after the elliptical I was reminded they were sore again. More sore than before actually. It's a good thing though. The last time I was really sore, I probably had the flu. Now I can say I'm sore from actually doing something. It's a great feeling.

Music: Cherry by Lisa Shaw
Elliptical: 35min (includes 5min cool down)

Breakfast: Cream of wheat w/cinnamon, raisins, maple syrup, soy milk and flaxseed
Lunch: Yesterday's lunch
Dinner: Yesterday's dinner
Snack: Apple w/PB and pretzel twists
Late night snack: So Delicious ice cream sandwich

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