Saturday, September 8, 2007

Easy Day

I woke up to my right calf being back to normal. Thank God. I was planning on swimming today, but my aunt called me this morning about going for a walk with her and my lil cousin. Cool. I need to be social anyway. I grab my weights and we set out to find the nature preserve in town. I read about it on the recreation department's website yesterday. Apparently, there's a 2mi nature path around Crystal Lake. I've lived here for I don't know how long and never knew the lake even existed. Well, we get there and the nature path consisted of wood chips on scattered on grass around the lake. Uh, no. Just a tad too natural for me. That's the perfect place to encounter some bug that looks like a wood chip that flies at your head out of no where. Or better yet, end up with tick bites. No thank you. So back to the park we went. I was just hoping for new scenery. Today wasn't the day. I wish I lived in a city where there was something to see. Running on the track is going to drive me nuts. And I don't care for jogging through the neighborhood. I really need to move.

Let me just say that jogging made walking with weights seem like a stroll in the park. I did sweat, but that was from the heat and humidity. I wanted to jog for part of it, but it was just too hot. And I'm sure the weights would have killed me. My arms and shoulders get enough of a workout without weights.

Music: The Sunlounge mixed by DJ Statik(a local Philly DJ)
Walk: 29min w/3lb weights

Pre-walk: Smoothie w/strawberry, blueberry, baby spinach, flaxseed and soy milk
Post-walk: Finished the smoothie
Lunch: Creamy pasta w/spinach and tomatoes
I used whole wheat rotini pasta and cooked the tomatoes a bit. I'm not a big raw tomato fan. I also added about 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast to the sauce. I will definitely make this again. Not sure when though. I don't eat pasta that often.
Dinner: VWAV Italian marinated tofu, sauteed kale and a baked potato w/S&P and olive oil
Snack: Apple w/PB, pretzel twists and sesame crunch candy

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