Monday, August 27, 2007

Week 7 Day 1

I was not feeling today's run at all. Ok, Week 7 consists of three 25min runs. That shouldn't be new to me. I just did it Friday. Well, for starters, I had a headache this morning. So when the alarm rang at 7am, I turned it off and turned over. My best friend called at 9:30am. I told her about my headache and she told me to run it out. So I finally got up. I chose the park today. I got out there after 11am. Too bad I couldn't make it out there earlier, because the sun was not agreeing with me. My pants weren't agreeing with me either. When you don't want to be bothered, every little thing annoys you.

Actually, let me rewind for a bit. I went to a picnic yesterday at Liberty State Park and had two Boca Chik'n patties. I know. The horror. It stayed in my stomach for a good portion of the day. Oh, and I did try a vegan Swedish coconut covered chocolate treat. Let me just tell you that one is 220 calories and 130 is from fat. We split one into fourths. So I had about 55 calories worth.

Okay, back to today. Yesterday's crappy eating along with this morning's crappy feeling was a recipe for a horrible run. I had 1min 52sec to go and I had to stop. I wasn't in pain. My breathing wasn't ridiculous. I was just tired. I was extremely hot and couldn't cool down fast enough. I skipped the cool down walk and went straight to my car to blast the AC. I drove home. Mind you, the park is like 2min from the house. But it's good to drive there so I can keep stuff in the car like house keys, water, phone, etc. Anyway, I pull up and sit in the driveway for a bit. It's like the AC was not cool enough. And then I thought, If only this could blow on my back too. I finally came in, stretched, showered, and plopped down on the couch to catch the US Open. I had to see this guy. Love me some Roger Federer.

Music: James Brown: 20 All Time Greatest Hits
Maybe if I had skipped to Get Up Offa That Thing, I could have finished.

Warm up walk: 5min
Jog: 23min

Pre-run: 1/2 banana and water

Post-run munchies: A few dark chocolate covered almonds and a few pretzels

Snack: Strawberry blueberry banana smoothie

Lunch: Finished the veggie stir-fry

Dinner: Tempeh and veggies w/mashed potatoes and gravy
I'm out of tofu. I'm never out of tofu. Well, I have been eating it a lot more. I'm trying to be more tofu savvy. Since I didn't feel like riding all the way out to Trader Joe's, I decided to use tempeh instead.

Snack: Another smoothie

P.S. I still have a headache :(

Just got my monthly visitor, which explains why I felt so crappy today.


Amanda said...

It's true, when you're not in the mood to exercise, everything in the universe conspires against you. I remember week 7 being really hard when I did this before. Harder than the 25 min run at the end of week 6, for some reason. But go you for getting out there anyway! That's the hardest part.

Christie Love said...

Thanks. I really should have stayed in bed. But I would have felt worse if I didn't go out and at least try.

Veg*Triathlete said...

Sometimes ya just don't feel it. Listen to your body. I bag workouts all the time! You're good to get out an try it. I tell myself to do at least 10 minutes and if I still want to quit after 10 minutes, I can. Most of the time I feel better & want to keep going. But sometimes, not... And when you've got a date with Roger, you've got a date with Roger ;-)

Christie Love said...

This week is going to be iffy. I hope I won't have to add an extra week to the program. But I will if that's what I need to do. And if I have to rearrange my schedule to watch Roger, then so be it :)