Saturday, August 18, 2007

Week 5 Day 3

Oh my. I am SO proud of myself. I completed the 20min jog. I didn't fall out in the middle of the jog. I wasn't cussin' and fussin'. I just did it.

Today, I had company. My aunt tagged along. She came over, we stretched and whatnot, and then left for the park. The weather is beautiful today. The high should only be about 80*. And of course, we were there before the warmest part of the day. Anyway, we talked during my 5min warm up walk. Then it was time for the 20min jog, so I had to leave her behind. It was nice to jog on the trail through the woods. There were little hills and whatnot too. Before I was worried about how I would handle it. I've been jogging on the track since the beginning. But I just slowed up the pace on those parts. And I made it through. I covered about 2mi. No, no, no, don't get all excited. Part of that distance includes the 5min walk. There were 1/4mi markers on the trail. Apparently, I covered a mile in the first 13min of the jog. I'm in no rush to do a 10min mile. I'm surprised I've come this far. I'll do what I can when I can.

Oh, and another good part of the jog was that I wore this shirt.

Yes, another IRunLikeAGirl shirt. I love it.

Music: ElectricSoul mixed by DJ Lil Dave (A nice compilation of house music by a local Philly DJ)

Warm up walk: 5min

Jog: 20min (WOO HOO!!!)

Cool down walk: more than 5min (lost track of time when I caught up with my aunt again)

Pre-run: Glass of OJ

Lunch: Tofu Rancheros in a multi-grain tortilla w/fried plantains

Snack: Apple w/peanut butter

Dinner: Bertucci's (I'm meeting up with a friend later)

Now that I feel like I actually did something in today's work out, I'm going to take a nap. I need my energy for eating and drinking tonight.

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