Sunday, August 5, 2007

Week 3 Day 3

Week 3 is done. I was actually looking forward to today's run. That's weird. I guess I'm starting to like this thing. I can't say I really like it during. But I always feel better afterwards. Today, I did find myself wanting the last 3min run to be over. I'm not feeling too confident about Week 4's 5min run interval. At the same time, I don't think another session of Week 3 will make me feel any better about it. It's something I just have to go out there and do. We shall see on Wednesday. Hopefully I won't be on here with a jacked up attitude complaining about how much I hated it. I really, REALLY, want to love it. I've had numerous dreams about running (and singing, but that's another story). So I feel it's something I have/need to do. Something in me wants to do it. And with my iron situation under control, I'M GOING TO DO IT!! Hell, maybe one day I'll want to run a marathon. I've never wanted to take it that far, but who knows how I'll feel about it in the future. But for now, I want to stick to this so I can run 5 days a week. That's my plan.

In other news, I lost a bit more weight. I'm sure it's mostly water at this point. Weight loss was never the plan. I just wanted to tone up and be more active. But I guess weight loss is required for the toning up part. I figure to get the killer thighs I want, my overall weight loss will be about 10 lbs. I hope that's not too much. I'll just have to see how I look and feel as I go on. My weight/body structure is weird. I guess I have heavy bones because everyone underestimates my weight by 15-20 lbs. The average woman at my height/weight is chubby. So I never discuss weight because it won't make sense. I have to break it down in terms of clothes size. Otherwise, it's hard for someone to imagine a 5'5", 150 lb woman fitting into an 8. But that's me. Well, according to the Y's scale (like a Dr's scale), I'm 148.5 lb. I'm not sure where the weight went. And I'm not looking for it either. I have noticed that my arms are more defined and my thigh muscles are firming up. Those two things alone are enough to get me back on the track this week.

Music: Robert's Week 3 Podcast
Walk/Jog: 26min

Breakfast: Banana, pineapple, kale smoothie w/vanilla soy milk (I'm out of berries, so I had to rely on an extra ripe banana and canned fruit. I'm learning from Veg*Triathlete to add veggies to the smoothie.)

Lunch: Yesterday's tofu scramble w/spinach, multi-grain toast w/soy margarine, and a few cashews

Snack: A couple of those TJ cat's cookies

Dinner: Probably sauteed kale w/tahini dressing and sweet potatoes (I want to add tofu or tempeh to the mix, but I'm not sure how I should marinate it yet. Ideas anyone?)

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