Friday, August 3, 2007

Week 3 Day 2

I didn't eat well today at all. I never have much of an appetite around this time. It's hard to eat when you feel like tossing your cookies. I didn't eat until almost noon and then again around 5pm. I'm surprised I took myself to the track. But I wanted to do it. It's weird. I was PMSy all day. I mean, attitude all tore up. Well, not that bad, but I did have a smart answer for every question. And the one thing I wanted to do was go home and take myself to the track to work it out. That's exactly what I did. I got home around 8pm, changed and went right back out. I drove to the Y just for the hell of it. Well not really, but I forgot they close early on Fridays. So I ended up at the track around the way by 9pm. The 90 sec jog was cake. The 3 min jog was harder than before. But I'm sure that has to do with my current state, today's food choices, and lack of sleep. I wasn't out of breath, I wasn't in pain, I just didn't feel like doing it. I guess that's normal. I did pick up the pace, I think. Or maybe I just picked up my legs. I actually jogged instead of trotted. I think my form is getting better every time I get out there. I just can't wait til I get to the point where jogging turns to full on running. By then, I should have the thighs I've always wanted too. I'm excited.

Music: Robert's Week 3 Podcast
Walk/Jog: 26min

Lunch and Early Dinner: PBJ on multi-grain bread and Vitamin Water
Snack: Lil bit of peanuts/raisins
Snack: Apple (after the work out)
Munchies: I had a few dark chocolate covered almonds

Dinner hasn't crossed my mind. I'm too tired to even make a salad that I'm not in the mood to eat. I'm craving salt. I think I'll be bad and have some chips. Oh well. I'll do better tomorrow.

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