Sunday, August 19, 2007

Resting and Thinking

I've decided that once the Couch to 5k program is completed, I'm going to move on to the One Hour Runner program found here. Why not? I've always wanted to be a runner. The first 3 weeks consist of running 30min 3 times a week before mixing it up. Some people tend to skip a week because that seems to be a bit redundant. Especially since the last week of C25k has you running the same program. But I think I'm going to stick with that and try to improve my distance during that time. Most people at the end of C25k can't run 3mi in 30min yet. There a lot of people following the program all over the Cool Running boards considering switching from time to distance. I think they're impatient and moving too fast. Yes, it would be nice to do a 10min mile but that will all come in time. Besides, I just started doing this a few weeks ago. And I'm doing better than I thought I would be. I swear that herbal iron supplement works wonders. And no matter how crappy I may feel while I'm jogging, something makes me want to come back and do it all over again. They say running is addictive. I think they're right. And it's all I want to talk about these days.

I didn't do anything but nap today, but I'm thinking of doing yoga on my off days. I went to my storage unit this morning trying to find my Rodney Yee yoga dvd. No such luck. But I did find my Windsor Pilates dvds and my yoga mat. For now, I have to depend on Yoga Journal. My aunt also told me about a yoga show that comes on at 6am during the week. Hopefully, I'll catch a show. My sleeping is a little messed up now. I've taken naps yesterday and today, and I woke up around 10am. That's weird for me. Maybe I need to incorporate some coffee back into my life. I don't know.

Here's today's grub.

Just to get started: Pineapple Juice

Late breakfast: Tofu Rancheros in a tortilla w/fried plantains

Lunch: Bertucci Leftovers

I used Cherie's idea and ordered pizza without the cheese and added a side of roasted veggies. The sauce was fabulous. I must have that again.

Snack: Dark chocolate covered almonds

Dinner: Black bean, sweet potato, quinoa chili and maybe a salad

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Veg*Triathlete said...

I think your instincts to build mileage and speed gradually are right on. (Speaking as an injured runner... ha, ha). Running is great exercise, but it is high impact and the best way to prevent injuries is build very slowly. You're doing great! And yoga is the best complement to running, especially if you use it to stretch out hip flexors and hamstrings, which tend to get really tight from running. Swimming is a great balance, too. You're right on track!