Sunday, August 5, 2007

Militant Vegan

I found this test in one of Veg*Triathlete's old blog posts. Apparently, I'm a militant vegan and I didn't even know. Hell, I'm not even vegan. Well, my diet pretty much is, but my lifestyle isn't. That's why I'd never call myself a vegan. I choose this diet for health reasons. I guess that's why I'm not too concerned if I slip up once every few months. One slice of pizza won't kill me. I just don't want to make it a habit. Yes, what happens to animals is very unfortunate, but that was never enough for me to choose a vegan diet. What upsets me most is people's ignorance when it comes to food choices. I'm all about my health, and I just wish people would be more health conscious too.

You scored as militant vegan, You are a militant vegan! Happy? Surprised? A vegan is someone who avoids consuming/using all animal products, including flesh, dairy, eggs, honey, leather, and so forth. Some avoid products tested on animals. Being a militant vegan means you have more radical views than most vegetarians, namely animal rights. You may be an activist already or on the verge. You are confident and unwavering about your ethics. Not a vegan? Perhaps you're one waiting to happen! Check it out at

militant vegan


health-conscious vegetarian


welfarist vegetarian


quiet vegetarian


vegan vixen


new veggie


lazy vegetarian


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