Monday, August 6, 2007

I did strength training tonight. I was thinking I wouldn't do it at all. It's just boring. And the cat's make it more difficult. When I get on the floor, they want to play, and walk around me, between my legs, nibble on me and put their butts in my face. You know how cats do. Jogging is more challenging. I often don't care for a challenge, but I enjoy it more. I guess I just feel better when I get up and do something. I feel like I'm making progress. And I am. Plus, the cats can't get in the way. They don't know their way to the track.

Well, I did the usual routine, and added a few seconds on the modified plank. I'm actually surprised I could hold it longer. I do the modified plank after all the crunches. So my abs are already sore.

2 x 15 Crunches
1 x 15 Crunches w/Twist (Once on each side, but I did a few more than usual. I forgot to stop counting.)
2 x 20 Modified Plank
2 x 15 Modified Side Plank
2 x 15 Lying Leg Curls
2 x 15 Squats
2 x 15 Tricep Dips w/Bent Knees
2 x 15 Wall Push Ups
2 x 15 Standing Side Bend w/Towel (I actually did a little more of these. Again, I forgot to stop counting.)

Breakfast: The last of the tofu scramble w/spinach and toast
Hot Beverage: 16oz of peppermint tea (My tummy wasn't agreeing with me.)
Snack: Apple
Munchies: Dark chocolate covered almonds (I'm surprised they're not gone yet. I have a few left. I bought them over a week ago.)
Late Lunch: PB&J
Dinner: Kale w/tahini dressing, baked sweet potato, and tofu inspired by that balsamic vinaigrette dressing I made the other day. (I made a similar marinade for it, but added white wine and used less olive oil.)
Snack: So Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich (It's so hot, I could go for another.)

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