Sunday, July 29, 2007

One Mo' 'Gain

The weather cleared up, my MP3 player recharged, so I took myself to the track before it got too dark. I was glad to see other people out there. I don't want to be outside so late by myself. Well, I completed another session of Week 2. I still don't feel any better about going into Week 3. My guess is that I'll have to slow it down til I'm barely moving so I don't run out of steam halfway through the run interval. I can see feeling like Week 1 again. Hopefully it'll get better. I'll probably start Week 3 on Wednesday. We'll see.

Music: Robert's Week 2 Podcast
Run/Walk: 30min (includes 5min cool down)
I stretched before and after.

Dinner: A small salad so far (not sure what I will munch on next)

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