Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Okay, so the alcohol won. But I did stretch when I extended my arm to reach the glass and bring it to my mouth. I tried to be somewhat productive though. I went to my storage unit to find my Stretching book, but had no luck. Maybe it's around here somewhere. Maybe I'll find it when I'm not looking for it. That's how it usually goes.

Food-wise, today was a bad day. But hey, I never said I was dieting. I just said I wanted to be more active. Here's the breakdown.

Breakfast: PBJ on wheat toast and a latte

Snack: Vitamin water (not my thing, but there wasn't any cold bottled water left in the fridge)

Snack: Potato chips (I was at a friend's house)

Drinks: Bahama Mama and a Mojito (Still at my friend's house. I had one of each.)

Dinner: Bruschetta and some eggplant mixture on toast (Probably overstayed my welcome at this point. I was bad because there was cheese sprinkled on it and I didn't turn it down.)

Snack: Graham crackers

There's no way I'd have the energy to work out after what I've eaten. I'm still sore too. So I'll try for Day 2 tomorrow after work. Wish me luck.

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