Sunday, July 29, 2007

I wanted to fit in an extra running session for Week 2 before moving forward to Week 3, but I can't today. I was all set to head to the Y until I remembered that my MP3 player died yesterday and needs to be recharged. So that's not going down. I doubt I'll do it later because the Y closes early today and I have a function to get to this afternoon. Also, there's a storm coming, so I won't be on the track either. Darn. Well, I did my strength training so far, so today's not a waste.

2 x 15 Crunches

2 x 15 Modified Plank

1 x 15 Crunches w/Twist (once on each side)

2 x 15 Modified Side Plank (I held for 5 sec longer this time)

1 x 15 Crunches w/Twist (once on each side)

2 x 15 Standing Side Bend w/Towel

2 x 15 Tricep Dips w/Bent Knees (I've gone from 12 to 15.)

2 x 15 Wall Push Ups *New Exercise*

2 x 15 Lying Leg Curls

2 x 15 Squats

Breakfast: Strawberry Smoothie (This is my only meal so far)

Lunch: I'm gonna have falafel again

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