Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Go Me

I didn't punk out today. I got up, not as early as I would have liked because I kept hitting snooze, and I went out to the track. I was planning to do a mile. That didn't happen because it was bitterly cold this morning. I dressed in layers, but somehow I was still freezing in the car. I figured maybe I was just being a wuss for not liking the cold. So I get on the track, and as soon as I get on it, I'm hit by some ridiculous Arctic winds all in my face. It was so cold that I didn't realize that tears were rolling down my face. I simply couldn't feel it. I was going to hang it up right then, but I told myself, I'm out here so I might as well do something. And something is exactly what I did. I couldn't do the full mile because the cold was just so damn uncomfortable. I did 1/2mi instead. That's something, right? Something is better than nothing. I could have stayed in bed with my electric blanket cranked up. Anyway, I got home, turned on the news and saw that it is currently 16* outside. The high is only going to make it to the 20s. So no, I'm not a wimp. It's just too damn cold. And just think, it was just 60* a few days ago. Oh well.

Snack: Orange juice (if you can call that a snack..I had some before I left. No sense in passing out from bitter cold and lack of energy)

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/strawberries and turbinado sugar and a hot cup of lemon water

Snack: Nature's Path hemp raisin granola bar

Dinner: Old faithful falefel on a bed of lettuce and tomato w/tahini dressing (I have 3 more falafel patties left, then I'll be done with them. I've been craving beans and rice all the sudden, so maybe I'll hook that up soon.)

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